The Fight is On!

Knockout Punch is a bare-knuckle brawler of a board game for 2-4 players.

Your goal: knock your opponents off the map and be the last one standing.

Chain together combos, unleash devestating abilities, and deliver crushing knockout blows to send your enemies flying. Outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast, lest you be on the receiving end of a punch to the face.

Knockout Punch is currently in development. Follow us to stay on top of the latest updates!

Control Powerful Heroes

Whether it's a battle princess wielding a magic sword, a giant panda toting a gatling gun, or a hardened pugilist with a mechanical arm, Knockout Punch has a fighter for you.

Every character is different; some prefer an up-close-and-personal brawl, some excel at range, and some are happy to cover the battlefield in a maelstrom.

The key to victory will be mastering your character's abilities and using them to deliver the finishing blow.

Unleash Hell

Every character has unique Combat Arts - abilities that can turn the tide of combat.

Some Arts hit everyone on the battlefield. Some charge forward and deal massive damage. Some disorient enemies.

Combat Arts give everyone a unique playstyle. Find the combinations that suit you best!

Find Your Moment

During your turn, you'll zoom around the map, accosting your foes. When it's not your time, you'll play defensive cards to prevent oncoming slaughter.

Everything you do builds momentum, whether it's lunging forward or delivering a swift kick to the face.

Use that momentum to power your future attack & defense. Save it up for the right momentum to deliver a knockout blow that can send your opponents off the map.

Play How You Want

Knockout Punch features multiple game modes depending on how you like your fisticuffs.

Free-for-all is no-holds-barred chaos, whereas Team Play facilitates strategy between allies.

Stock Mode gives players a limited number of lives, with the goal being to be the last person standing. Or you can play to be the first to get so many knockouts.

Things not chaotic enough? You can throw in items and effects to make every second unpredictable.

Lots of variation and lots of mayhem make every fight fun and engaging.